Nowell Steel


Steel Plate Suppliers Since 1969

Specializing in Flame, Plasma & Laser Cutting Services


What we do best


flaME Cutting

With well over 150 years of combined experience, our team of machine operators produce “second to none” quality flame cut parts. 

high definition Plasma Cutting

Nowell Steel has been providing plasma cut parts in hot roll, cold roll, stainless, aluminum and plate for over 25 years.

Laser Cutting

When accuracy is the priority, laser cutting is the solution. At Nowell Steel we have been laser cutting in our dedicated laser facility for close to 20 years.


Blanchard Grinding

Whatever your needs, from two side clean up to six sides to dimension, Nowell Steel can meet your Blanchard grinding requirements.

Punching & Drilling

Nowell Steel offers in house punching up to 1-½” diameter and drilling up to 6” diameter. Learn more about our services below.

Rolling & Forming

Whether you need cylinders, cones, angles or custom shapes, Nowell Steel can provide competitive pricing and lead times.



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